Best Classic Rock in Southern California


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Steve Siciliani; Bass Guitar & Vocals – Steve started playing at the early age of 8. There were many bands in his neighborhood with numerous guitar players and no bass players. He picked up the bass at the age of 15 and it has become his instrument of choice. My brother Jeff was the drummer, together Jeff and I had been the rhythm section for many rock bands, playing both in the LA and OC club circuits. After a short sabbatical Jeff and I pursued our passion, playing for live audiences once again.
Jeff Siciliani; Drums, Percussion & Vocals – Jeff’s music career started at seven, when his parents asked him to take up an instrument. When he chose drums, his mother replied, “no, they are too noisy. How about piano or guitar?” Brother Steve was playing guitar, so Jeff chose piano. He played piano for two and a half years until he broke his arm skateboarding. He finally received his first drum set as an eighth grade graduation present. He had seen and heard the band Kiss and decided that’s what he wanted to do. In 1978, at the age of fifteen he played his first high school party with brother Steve on bass. They continued playing parties and clubs thru high school. After high school they began playing the Hollywood clubs with Ballistics, Royal Tease and The Word. In 1981 Jeff took music theory classes at Golden West college and began recording. He also played top forty gigs, high school formals and a few weddings to earn recording money. He thoroughly enjoys playing music and recording. “It will always be my great escape from the stresses of life.”
Paul Mudarri; Lead Guitar & Vocals – Paul started playing music at the age of 6 when he got his first set of drums. After 6 months of disrupting the household his parents decided he might like to try the saxophone. He played in the school band for a year, yet yearned to play guitar. Paul started classical guitar lessons at the age of 8  and played his first recital when he was 10. By the age of 11 Paul discovered Rock and there was no turning back. He started focusing on singing, playing guitar and writing music in bands that preformed out of Boston and throughout New England. His bands, The Lines, Orchestra Luna, The Eggs and The Spores, head lined at CBGBS, The Ratskeller and The Boston Club. Paul’s band the Spores were a local hit and received regular air play in town on WBCN and went on to record 2 albums. Paul moved out to California in 1985 and started The PMB a 3 piece rock band that became the house bands in many Orange County beach clubs including Goodies in Dana Point and Perqs in Huntington Beach. Paul is once again pursuing his passion with his best effort to date, Crossroads. Crossroads headlined at Irvine Lake amputheater last year and continues to perform at private corporate gigs, parties and concerts.

Dean Von; Lead Vocals, Keyboards & Guitar – Dean Von started his career as a singer/songwriter starting with piano at the age of 4. By age 9 he was synchronizing drum beats and in the 10th grade headlined with a music group primed to cut his first record. He practically lived in the recording studio and was the songwriter and lead singer for the bands Aftershock, Danger and No Stranger composing such hits as Crazy Like Me, Tramp In Black Leather, Can’t Keep My Eyes Off Of You and I’m Going To Miss you. His bands headlined at the Roxy, Whiskey and Gazzari’s. Dean’s ballads are inspirational and drawn from his own life experiences. The son of June Von, a well known singer with Kate Smith and Liberace, she appeared on the Lawrence Welk Show and hosted her own radio show in Las Vegas, Nevada. After an 8 year sabbatical he decided to go back to his passion, writing and singing songs from his heart.